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Download these marketing systems for free to gain a visual representation of the assets you need to create and set up. You’ll find blueprints for proven lead generation, sales, and business automation systems that can jumpstart and expand your business.

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Affiliate Program Sign Up & Sales Funnel

Ebook Sign Up, Follow Up, & Sales Funnel

Newsletter Funnel

Custom Funnel

Capture New Leads Via Text Messaging

Membership Site Content Drip Over Time

Cart Abandonment Funnel

Create a 1-Click Survey For Your List Via Email

Automated Birthday Funnel

Quiz Funnel

Affiliate Program Sign Up & Sales Funnel

This blueprint offers a visual representation of the components involved in affiliate program promotion, sign up, and sales process.

What is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is a cost-free marketing and sales machine that consistently generates leads and recurring sales. Once set up, it runs continuously, constantly fueling the top of your sales funnel with new sales.

It’s crucial to time your affiliate program promotions effectively and keep your affiliate partners engaged, ensuring their ongoing enthusiasm in promoting your product or service.

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Ebook Follow Up & Sales Funnel

With the EBOOK FOLLOW UP & SALES FUNNEL, you will get a visual representation of the Ebook or any high value PDF sign up, and delivery process. Then you will see how the sales process is tied into that.

What is an Ebook Funnel? It’s a marketing lead generation strategy in which you offer a high-value resource for free in exchange for a person’s name and email address.
Build your list, follow up with new leads, and encourage them to make a purchase.”

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Newsletter Funnel

With the Newsletter funnel you will get a visual representation of what assets are involved in a newsletter funnel system, and how it can lead to sales.

What is a newsletter funnel? A newsletter funnel is a strategy that maintains engagement with leads and customers by consistently delivering interesting, engaging, and relevant information.

It’s important to ensure that these emails offer value and are not sent too frequently. The goal is to keep leads interested in your business, so when a new promotion arises, they won’t be taken by surprise or unsubscribe due to an overload of sales-focused content.

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Custom Marketing System

Need a custom marketing funnel to bring in leads and sales? Or a business automation funnel to improve your business processes? Click the button below to request a consultation.

Capture New Leads Via Text Messaging

With this blueprint, you will visually see the flow of a SMS / text messaging system that will extract complete contact records from traffic on your website.

How do you capture new leads through text messaging? Download this blueprint to discover precisely how this can be achieved with just a few easy steps.

This system is perfect for gathering lead information, whether you’re at a speaking event or using printed materials like flyers or business cards.”

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Membership Site Content Drip Funnel

This blueprint outlines a membership site content drip funnel over time. It demonstrates how you can provide both a free trial and a paid program through your membership site.

Specifically, this blueprint illustrates a content drip strategy that releases new content weekly.

Utilize this blueprint as a guide for structuring your membership site content drip program.

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Cart Abandonment Funnel

What is a cart abandonment funnel? The primary aim of this funnel is to retarget leads who have visited your order form page or shopping cart, and have not completed their purchase.

These leads are highly interested, and for various reasons, they came close to making a purchase but didn’t finish the order process. Following up with them shortly after they left the page is likely to bring a percentage of them back to your sales page to complete their purchase.

Download this blueprint to learn more.

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One-Click Email Survey Funnel

The One-Click Email Survey Funnel blueprint offers instructions on creating a feedback funnel that only requires your contacts to click one button to provide you with valuable insights.

What is a one-click email survey funnel? The objective of this funnel is to gather valuable feedback from leads or customers.

It’s crucial to simplify this process for the user. If they are willing to share even more after that initial click, we can then guide them to the next step to gather more important information & leave a review on Google.

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Automated Birthday & Anniversary Funnel

Show your leads and customers that you care about them by reaching out to them on their special day. Consider sending them a coupon or a thoughtful message.

This campaign operates based on DATE-SPECIFIC automation, which can be adapted for birthdays, anniversaries, product renewals, feedback, and more.

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Quiz Lead Generation Funnel

The Quiz Lead Generation Funnel outlines the assets required to create a quiz and explains how to follow up with quiz takers, guiding them to your sales page.

One impressive feature of a quiz funnel is its segmented follow-up capabilities, which are based on the data collected from the quiz itself. An example scenario will be illustrated in this blueprint.

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