Flexible marketing consulting packages to best support your business at what stage it’s at.


Top performing pre-built marketing funnels packages, jam-packed with high converting landing pages, emails, and automations. 

Free Funnel Template Maps

Download funnel blueprints to see a visual representation of specific marketing funnels. With these maps, you will be able to know what assets need to be created to setup your marketing funnel.

POPULAR Marketing Templates & Blueprint Downloads

The ultimate product launch webinar funnel

Everything you need to promote and launch your new product or service. This package includes beautifully designed landing pages, emails, and backed by professional marketing strategy.

The Magic Win-Win-Win Quiz Funnel

 This Magic Quiz Funnel is the best tool to for lead generation. What makes it the best is that you are not just getting your lead’s Name and Email. They are telling you everything you need to know about themselves. Now you can send specific emails to encourage them to your sales page.

Ebook funnel blueprint

What is an Ebook Funnel? This is a marketing lead generation strategy where you offer a high value resource, and give it away for free in exchange for the person’s name and email address.

Build your list, follow up with new leads, and encourage them to purchase.

Affiliate Program Sign Up & Sales Funnel

An affiliate program is a free marketing sales machine which will generate you leads and sales on a recurring basis. Once an affiliate program is setup, it will continuously run and fuel the top of your sales funnel with new sales.


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