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We are document automation experts that provide fast and high quality technical implementation of client intake systems, document automation, case management processes and integrations for law firms.

Adam Niec

Alex is great to work with and he works fast. He provides an awesome service and is an expert in his field. I highly recommend him and his services.


What You Can Expect

Increase Efficiency

Document automation streamlines complex legal document creation by employing automated workflows and templates, reducing time and effort for legal professionals.


Error Reduction

Automation reduces the risk of human errors in document creation by employing predefined templates and eliminating manual data entry, ensuring accuracy and compliance with legal standards.


Scalable document automation tools enable legal practices to handle increased document volumes and accommodate firm growth, adapting to evolving needs such as higher caseloads or expanding client bases.


Quality Service

Alex was patient, friendly and helpful, and listened extremely well. He really made me feel supported at this time of starting/setting up my business. It is really encouraging to have this support, holding my hands for this part of the learning curve that could have been a lot more challenging and discouraging if I were doing it alone.

Yawen Wang

Our Services

My small team and I specialize in the following areas:

Client Intake Strategy

A systematic approach to efficiently and effectively onboard new clients, ensuring a streamlined and personalized process from initial contact to engagement.

Tech Stack Analysis

A comprehensive evaluation of a law firm’s technology infrastructure to optimize and integrate software tools.

Document Automation

The setup of automated workflows and templates to reduce manual effort and expedite the generation of legal documents.

Zapier / API Integrations

Seamlessly communicate and data exchange between various software applications.

CRM Setup

The setup of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to effectively manage contacts and follow up.

Website Optimization

Tailoring and refining a law firm’s website to enhance user experience, visibility, and engagement, optimizing it for search engines and attracting potential clients.


What Our Clients Say

Brian Liu

I love working with Alex and his team at Click’s Journey. We have partnered on a variety of projects over the last couple years and I always appreciate their high quality work at very high speeds! As a designer working with a team of developers to bring a vision to life, Alex’s team does a great job executing & delivering a product that matches the design closely. His team is smart, reliable, and easy to work with and the friendly & upbeat customer service is top notch! I highly recommend Click Journey for all your website development needs & more! Great work, team!

Emily Sullivan

Alex and his team are the most dedicated individuals I’ve worked with in this space. They are experienced, professional and create quality work. I’ve been very satisfied with their customer service, communication and commitment to making sure I’m happy with my site. I’d highly recommend this team!

Kimberly Lowe

Alexander and his team were amazing! They delivered on time (or before), were very creative, brought great technical skills to my project, were affordable, and were very easy to work with. I can’t recommend them enough!

Joella Autorino

You guys are great! I thought the process was seamless, you’re very responsive and professional, and we completed a high order in a short time-frame. So thank you for everything!

Kelly Jones

Alex was very helpful in so many ways launching my first Ontraport event! There were a lot of moving parts and things I didn’t understand and needed guidance and expertise. He was thorough, responsive and helpful at every turn. Where we needed to dig deeper, he was ready, willing and able. Great experience! Thank you.

Mario Salvi

Alex is great to work with helping me move through the process of creating the flow I needed to get started. He encompasses patience, knowledge, outstanding communication, amazing attention to detail all wrapped up into a quick response time. My experience couldn’t have been any better! I am grateful and feel blessed to have Alex and his team as a part of my team.


Hello! I’m Alex, your document automation and integration expert.

At Click’s Journey, our expertise is in designing and developing client intake systems, document automation, and custom integrations for your legal practice.


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