What You Will Get

Increase in Revenue

Optimizing your lead intake pipeline and synchronizing it with your marketing CRM will significantly boost sales.

Automated & Scalable Business

Gain confidence knowing that every new lead is promptly organized and followed up with to maximize conversion potential.

Improved Customer Experience

Eliminate errors and streamline client onboarding through automation and follow-up practices, ensuring a seamless experience.


Our Process

This 5 Step Process Map is a resource will provide the steps we take to streamline your operations, optimize workflows, and achieve scalable growth.

Download the 5 Step Process below:

The Ship & Crew

Why Choose Us

Over the past 9 years I have helped hundreds of people start, grow, and scale their business. I have a small and incredibly talented crew that has helped me build Click’s Journey from the ground up.

I am very proud of the quality of services I can guarantee, and am excited to welcome you on board.

Founder & Captain


What Our Clients Say...

Alex is amazing at what he does. I have been working with him for over 5 years and he has never disappointed me. The timelines that he is able to complete projects is outstanding. He has innovative ideas which in turn provides for a brilliant outcome.

Robert Rowe

Alex is a true professional, dedicated to meeting the needs of his clients! He is quick to reply to questions and concerns, which can be an issue for other development teams. Thank you for your hard work.

Deborah Meredith

Alex has been instrumental in helping us out with our dev needs. Good team and highly recommended.

Jordan Maddocks

Alex was incredible to work with considering I have a limited understanding of the online technology realm and know absolutely nothing about how a website functions on a day to day basis. He was definitely patient with my questions and provided an answer to many of the unforseen challenges that occur when you develop a website from scratch for a roofing contractor. I believe he was professional and made himself available through email, phone calls and text during business hours. I am receiving many daily positive comments on the final website design and will recommend his services to anyone who would like to have a website for business. Thanks Alex.

Joseph McCullagh

I love working with Alex and his team at Click’s Journey. We have partnered on a variety of projects over the last couple years and I always appreciate their high quality work at very high speeds! As a designer working with a team of developers to bring a vision to life, Alex’s team does a great job executing & delivering a product that matches the design closely. His team is smart, reliable, and easy to work with and the friendly & upbeat customer service is top notch! I highly recommend Click Journey for all your website development needs & more! Great work, team!

Brian Liu

Alex and his team are the most dedicated individuals I’ve worked with in this space. They are experienced, professional and create quality work. I’ve been very satisfied with their customer service, communication and commitment to making sure I’m happy with my site. I’d highly recommend this team!

Emily Sullivan

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