Marketing Funnel Blueprints

These marketing funnel blueprints will help you visually see the “funnel flow” or “funnel map” of each marketing funnel.

Included with the blueprints will be my software recommendations for the technical setup.

Affiliate Program Sign Up & Sales Funnel

Newsletter Funnel

Affiliate Program Sign Up & Sales Funnel

What is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is a free marketing sales machine which will generate you leads and sales on a recurring basis. Once an affiliate program is setup, it will continuously run and fuel the top of your sales funnel with new sales.

It’s important that you promote your affiliate program at the right time and keep your affiliate partners engaged so they are continuously excited to promote your product or service.

This blueprint will provide you a visual representation of the components of an affiliate program promotion, sign up, sales, and the recurring cycle process.



What is an Ebook Funnel? This is a marketing lead generation strategy where you offer a high value resource, and give it away for free in exchange for the person’s name and email address.

Build your list, follow up with new leads, and encourage them to purchase.



What is a newsletter funnel? A newsletter funnel keeps leads and customers engaged by regularly sending them interesting, engaging, and relevant inforamation.

It’s important these emails are valuable and not sent too often. You want to keep the lead interested in your business so when you have a new promotion, they won’t be caught off guard and unsubscribe because you only send sales related content.



Need a custom marketing funnel to bring in leads and sales? Or a business automation funnel to improve your business processes? Click the button below to request a consultation.


How to do you capture new leads via text messaging? It’s actually very easy! Download this blueprint to see exactly how this is possible with just a few steps.

The perfect system to collect lead information while at a speaking event or printed on a flier or business card.



This is a blueprint of a membership site content drip over time funnel. This blueprint will show you how you can offer both a free trial, or paid program with your membership site.

This specific blueprint describes a membership content drip that releases new content each week. Use this blueprint as guidance on the overall framework for your membership site content drip program.



What is a cart abandonment funnel? The goal of this funnel is to retarget leads that visited your order form page, but not completed the purchase.

These leads are HOT and for whatever reason, they were close, but did not complete the order form. Following up with them soon after they left the page will likely bring a % of them back to your sales page to complete the purchase.

Perhaps offer them a coupon if they return?


One-Click Email Survey Funnel

What is a one-click email survey funnel? The goal of this funnel is to collect valuable feedback from the lead or customer.

It’s important to make this process as easy as possible for the user. This blueprint provides details to create a feedback funnel that just requires your contacts to click one button to give you valuable insights.

Then if they have more willingness after that one-click, then we can take them to the next form to learn even more.



Show your leads and customers you care about then by reaching out to them on this special day. Perhaps send them a coupon or just a nice message.

This campaign works off a DATE SPECIFIC automation, which can be replicated for birthdays, anniversary, product renews, feedback etc…


Quiz Funnel Map

This quiz funnel map will describe what assets you will need to create a quiz and follow up with the quiz takers in order to lead them to your sales page.

An awesome feature of a quiz funnel is the segmented follow up capabilities based on the data gathered from the quiz itself. scenario will be illustrated on this blueprint.


Facebook Messenger Automation Funnel

What is Facebook Messenger Automation? Facebook Messenger Automation uses Facebook’s Messenger tool as the communication platform for your leads and customers.

I’m VERY excited about this tool. Facebook Messenger has 80%+ open rate compared to Email’s 20% on a good day.

Avoid the spam filters by integrating Facebook Messenger automation into your marketing funnels.


Marketing Funnel Templates

The Ultimate Product Launch Webinar Funnel

This webinar funnel package was made to replicate Mindvalley’s Jim Kwik and Marissa Peer’s brand new (12/15/19) product launch marketing funnel. This package includes beautifully designed webinar sign up, sales pages. emails and it’s high converting marketing strategy. This webinar funnel package is designed to generate leads, follow up with, and strategically lead them to the sales pages.

If you are wanting to promote and launch your new product or service, this webinar product launch funnel will have you hit the ground running.

The Magic Win-Win-Win Quiz Funnel

What if I told you there is a marketing funnel that will deliver your exact target prospect to you. Not only will you get your best lead’s name and email, you will get everything you possibly would want to know about them. What challenges they have, buying process phase, demographics info, financial etc…

A quiz marketing funnel, if setup properly, will gather all the key selling information about the visitor. Upon quiz completion, the visitor will be presented with a result based on their answers. This result should provide them with loads of value, and help them help themselves find the solution they are looking for.

That’s why I call this Quiz Funnel Package MAGIC. Once you have all the important details about the prospect, you can now send follow up emails that speak DIRECTLY to that prospect with RELEVANT information to help them take the next steps in your business.

The Loyalty Program Sales Machine

Customers are the backbone of your business – and a loyalty program setup is the perfect way to show how much you appreciate them. It is a system designed to incentivize people to keep coming back to your website/business by giving them something of value – mostly rewards – based on their purchases.

The OCD Calendar Booking Manager

If you and/or your teammates are having multiple scheduled calls per week, then you need the “OCD Calendar Booking Manager”. This is an automation and contact management package that is designed to organize your leads and make sure no one is slipping through the cracks.

This automation package addresses contacts who fit into these segments: “Currently Scheduled”, “Business Cancelled”, “Prospect Cancelled”, “Rescheduled”, “Call Complete”, and “No Show”.

This automation package also includes Task notifications and an internal intake form that you and your team can use to easily update contact information based on how the call went.

The Automatic Referral Machine

The Automatic Referral Machine is the best type of lead generator. It creates loyal advocates to your business and brand. Referred leads are golden. The Automatic Referral Machine is a series of systems that tie directly into all your other marketing funnels to bring in new traffic, leads, and sales.

The Ultimate Contractor Sales Machine Bundle

My partner and I created three complete marketing funnels specifically for contractors designed to generate leads, follow up, and make it easy for them to reach out to you. This is over $10,000 worth or marketing assets with custom high quality design and high converting email copy all for the cost of $197. You will also be able to install all three of these marketing funnels with a single click.