Welcome to the Education Center for Click’s Journey. It’s important to us that you understand what strategies and tools are being used in online businesses. We want to answer why those tools are important, and then help show you how to setup these tools yourself.

Marketing Funnels and Business Automation Training Course

Here you will find a membership training course to help you learn about what marketing funnels are, what business automation is, and how to setup these systems in your business.

For a LIMITED TIME, this course is FREE! This course is in beta and we will be following up to make improvements, so let us know what you think! 

Free Download of the “15 Step Quick Launch Action Plan

  • Have a product or service that you want to get off the ground as quickly as possible?
  • Need a funnel and want it setup on a solid foundation and setup for growth?
  • Sick of learning multiple softwares and piecing them together with duck tape?
  • No website, no problem.

This “15 Step Quick Launch Action Plan” will show you the quickest way to launch your offering and have your business built with growth and scalability in mind.

Recommended Marketing Tools

See tools that we use to help businesses reach their goals.

Tools for Lead Generation, Calendar Bookings, Learning Courses, CRM / Email Marketing, Affiliate Program, System Mapping, LIVE and Recorded Webinars, Countdown Timers and More.


Blog coming soon. We will be writing content about new and intriguing marketing techniques that you can consider implementing in your own business. SEO strategies you may not have thought about, new softwares to bring value to your business, new ways to follow up with your leads and engage your contact list and more.